Pensive augments an ADHD brain in 6 powerful ways

Improved Working Memory

Your notes are organized by default. By having the umbrella of a notebook, you can maintain context and purpose easily.

Emotional Regulation

Pensive helps you to reflect on your thoughts and emotions through journaling reminders. It also helps you to get access to mood changing content based on context. So, next time you are distressed, you can just open Pensive and get access to content and reminders that can help you feel better.

Manage Time Blindness

Pensive can help you to manage time blindness and keep you on track. Pensive has built-in short term and long-term timers. It augments your time blind brain by providing you with reminders and reminders.

Manage Distractability

Create positive distractions: Setup recurring reminders for writing, reviewing, or reading. Pan out information you want to consume. Cut out negative distractions: Pensive helps you to block out negative distractions by providing you with a focused environment.

Long term memory search

[Coming Soon]
Pensive's AI search can find and summarize concepts from your long term memory

Track long term trends

[Coming Soon]
Find long-term trends in your life.
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